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The Best Scuba Sites

Alphonse Island

Staff Picks for Best Scuba Sites

It is no secret that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles is home to an abundance of land and marine life. The remote little islands host flocks of feathered species, while the warm azure waters provide the ideal home to a variety of curious and colourful creatures.

At Blue Safari Seychelles we provide our guests with a unique opportunity to explore these beautiful habitats in a safe and eco-friendly way.   Scuba diving at Blue Safari is one of our highlight activities as the waters are warm with excellent visibility, as well as over 30 dive sites to explore.

With so many wonderful sites and sightings to choose from, we’ve asked our expert scuba diving guides to tell us their favourites:

Tahlia - Arcade

“No matter what the conditions are, you can always expect an amazing dive at Arcade.”

Arcade is known for its schooling fish and vibrant colours. Sitting at about 6 - 7m deep, a huge school of Bluelined Snapper have taken up residency.

Giant Sweetlips, Green Turtles and different species of Triggerfish are more or less guaranteed sightings on every dive here. The abundance and variety of marine life is what makes Arcade so colourful!

Byron - Abyss

“The topography alone is mind blowing!”

Abyss is considered a deep dive and is one of the many wall dives at Alphonse Island. A sloping plateau met by a steep drop-off at around 16m down to a sandy bottom of 40m.

A giant coral outcrop at around 30m extends out from the wall creating a pillar type formation just off the wall – perfect for divers to hang directly over extremely deep water and look out into the open for pelagic species! 

Lucy - Napoleon

“There is always so much going on, you never know where to look half the time!”

Napoleon is a raised reef in the middle of the open ocean which makes it perfect to see both a stunning coral reef covered in reef fish as well as all sorts of pelagic fish including different shark species. 

The topography of Napoleon encourages large schools of Humpback Snapper, Bluelined Snapper and Fusiliers to congregate around the tightly knit coral bommies.

Sam - Pinnacles

“You can never pinpoint exactly what you are going to see at Pinnacles. Every dive will blow you away.”

Made up of 3 large coral formations at a depth of 15 - 25m sticking out from the wall. These coral structures provide refuge from strong currents for huge schools of Bohar, Black and Humpback Snappers.

It is common to encounter Bull, Silvertip and Grey Reef Sharks as well as smaller surprises like Oriental Sweetlips and Scorpionfish. 

Rose - Eagle Nest

“If there was a dive site that could be described as friendly – this would be it!”

Eagle nest is a long sloping plateau starting at around 10m down to 15m with a variety of hard coral formations. One particular coral bommie acts as a meeting point for hundreds of curious Orbicular Batfish.

Eagle Rays and Napoleon Wrasse are often spotted mid-water as well as Tawny Nurse Sharks sleeping under rocks. 

Now that you’ve heard from the experts, aren’t you excited to get out there and encounter all these great dive sites and species for yourself?

For more information, have a look at our Scuba Diving experiences as well as the different scuba diving courses we offer, from Beginners Courses to Advanced and Beyond Courses.

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