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Situated in the remote Outer Islands of the Seychelles, our snorkelling spots offer an exceptional experience for the whole family to enjoy. View shoals of brightly coloured fish, graceful turtles, gliding Manta Rays and a host of other marine species while drifting through warm, azure waters.

Join our knowledgeable activities team as they guide you through the crystal clear underwater destinations. Our team will assist you on the excursions and are happy to teach you all about the different species of corals and the fish that dwell in them during your excursion.

Get ready for an unforgettable aquamarine adventure!



Our snorkelling sites have been carefully selected to ensure the best experiences for our guests. Each site varies in depth and showcases a unique combination of species and awe-inspiring sights. Discover the spectacularly pristine and untouched coral reefs of the Seychelles at your leisure from the ocean’s surface.

"This world-renowned site is within walking and swimming distance from the house"

The Wall is the best snorkel site at Astove! The top of the reef is very shallow (1-2 m), allowing snorkellers to get very close to the wide variety of marine life. The drop-off starts here and so people of all swimming abilities can get a great look out into the blue. For those that can free dive the wall provides a multitude of swim-throughs and overhangs to explore.

"This site is incredible during the pushing tide when crystal clear waters flow into the Alphonse lagoon."

Our team’s pick as the best snorkel site at Alphonse. The 1 km Alphonse channel provides an incredible snorkel that takes people on a ride through several different habitats (coral gardens, seagrass beds and patch reef) and so provides a great opportunity to see a wide range of marine life in a single snorkel session.

"The pristine coral reef makes this one of our favourite snorkeling sites in the Outer Islands"

Cosmoledo’s best snorkelling site! The wide channel between Wizard and Pagode provides some excellent snorkelling opportunities with expanses of coral and seagrass beds allowing snorkellers to see a wide range of life including turtles, rays and reef fish.

"With a depth of 4-6 m this channel provides excellent snorkelling particularly on a pushing tide."

The best snorkel site at Poivre. Nurse Sharks and lots of stingrays of differing species can be seen here making their way into the lagoon, along with a wide range of reef fish. If snorkellers are lucky, they might even bump into a Manta Ray.


Our snorkelling destinations are home to stunning marine species, untouched coral reefs and exceptional underwater scenery. The snorkelling sites around our atolls offer wonderful experiences at different depths. Join our specialised team for an exceptional underwater experience.

The different atolls allow for great snorkelling opportunities as well as the chance to view and snorkel with Manta Rays. Alphonse island has a satellite tagging project running and various Manta cleaning stations have been identified which ensure sightings with each excursion.

At Astove and Cosmoledo Atolls, Manta Rays are often seen around the surrounding reefs and large numbers of Mantas are also sighted around Poivre Atoll. This gives snorkellers the chance to snorkel with these graceful creatures and allows for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Alphonse Island

Welcome to the untouched, natural paradise that is Alphonse Island.

  • A variety of snorkelling locations that suit all levels and ages
  • Experience the fast-flowing clear waters of the Alphonse channel - one of the best snorkels anywhere in the Seychelles!
  • A chance to swim with Manta Rays, one of our signature experiences
Discover Alphonse Island
Astove Atoll

Welcome to the pristine ecosystem of Astove Atoll, including a large inner lagoon as well as the ‘Astove Wall’.

  • The best snorkel spot in the Seychelles
  • Within swimming or walking distance of the lodge
  • The incredible drop-off gives fantastic shallow water snorkelling 
Discover Astove Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo Atoll’s pristine and untouched ecosystem boasts vast, wadeable sand flats, beautiful islands of different shapes and sizes as well as a wonderful lagoon. 

  • A huge atoll with a wide range of snorkelling opportunities
  • A great channel to snorkel in, very close to the lodge
  • Snorkel in the mangroves to see a wide range of creatures
Discover Cosmoledo Atoll
Poivre Atoll

One of the crown jewels in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, is Poivre Atoll. This atoll makes for incredible snorkelling!

  • Offering a very nice channel snorkel
  • Grab the opportunity to swim with Manta Rays
Discover Poivre Atoll


To ensure our guests have the very best experience, we provide all snorkelling equipment for your excursions.

Our equipment is comfortable, reliable and safe, and comes in an assortment of sizes to suit all ages. Guests can rest assured that they will be geared with masks, snorkels and fins for an easy and leisurely experience.

Sites close to shore can be reached with a short walk and/or swim, and for those further out, guests can hop on board one of our custom-built boats for a quick trip to your selected site.

Equipped with our specialised gear and knowledgeable team to guide you, everyone can have a wonderful snorkeling experience. 


We would like to ensure the best holiday experience for you and as such, our guests can choose to go snorkelling whenever they would like to take a break from simply relaxing.

Head over to one of our Activities Centres to collect your gear and feel free to explore at your own leisure.

For those who would prefer a guide to lead the way and point out some of the highlights of the various snorkelling spots, we offer a range of snorkelling safaris.

Our expert activities team will gladly guide you through our designated sites at the various destinations and teach you all about our different atolls, sites and species found here.

Get ready to explore the underwater treasures that surround the beautiful Blue Safari atolls.


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer. Immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.


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