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With such wonders all around, the Blue safari team is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about the protection and conservation of these exquisite atolls and islands and their natural wonders in the Seychelles.

To share our love and excitement for the rich biodiversity of the region, we’ve put together a variety of engaging and educational conservation experiences for the whole family to take part in. The conservation activities were selected to showcase the purpose and highlights of the various conservation projects that are running on the islands.

These new and exciting experiences offer guests the chance to not only observe nature, but to truly immerse themselves and add to the continued preservation of the regions’ natural wonders. Guided by our experienced and passionate team, the activities aim to be both fun and educational.

Each of our island destinations also have a conservation facility where these projects are run and maintained from, and where guests can go to learn more about the projects and the impact they have on the ecosystems of the islands.  

Our Blue safari experiences include a variety of excursions from turtle tracking and monitoring to beach clean-ups to surveys done on the reef flats.

With our new engaging conservation experiences, we hope to educate and inspire everyone about the natural biodiversity and beauty of the Seychelles as well as further its dedication to eco-friendly, sustainable tourism and conservation efforts.


Beach Clean-up

Make your way along our white sandy beaches and collect debris and plastic that has floated onto the shore.

  • Educational experience that teaches about the dangers of littering as well as cleaning our ocean for the species found here.
  • Join our conservation team on a fun beach clean-up.

Ocean Clean-up

Head out on a scuba diving excursion and help our team collect debris, plastic and remove Fish Aggregating Devices found around the islands. 

  • Removing these devices ensure that marine species like turtles, dolphins and rays don't get tangled up in them.
  • Join this unusual excursion and make a positive impact

Plant a tree

As part of our guided walks and Native Vegetation Restoration project, guests can choose to plant a tree.

  • Add to the lush endemic vegetation of the islands.
  • Learn all about the endemic plants and help to restore the original vegetation.

Tortoise Conservation

The islands of Astove and Alphonse are home to a special species, the Giant Aldabra Tortoises.

  • These gentle giants are monitored to note the population growth and movements.
  • Provides important data of this species that was once on the brink of extinction

Manta Ray Photography

One of our magical ocean experiences is snorkelling with Manta Rays and taking beautiful photos of them.

  • These captured memories also help with identifying the individual rays and tracking their movements.
  • Helps capture important data about the individual specimens and their patterns as we learn more about these creatures

Turtle Patrol and Tracking

Our islands provide important nesting grounds for our endemic Hawksbill and Green Turtles.

  • As part of our projects, the conservation team tracks and monitors their movement and nests. 
  • Gives important insights into the population numbers, their movement and help us to better protect their selected nesting grounds

ICS Walks

The resident conservation team at the Island Conservation Society offers guided informative nature walks around the island.

  • Guests can learn about current research and conservation projects and the fauna and flora of the island.
  • Allow our passionate team to educate you in preservation
  • Immerse yourself in nature and conservation

What our clients say

“Sophie, my Daughter, has come away more determined than ever to be a marine biologist and specialize in shark conservation, thanks to The Alphonse team.”

Caroline Huber

“I enjoyed the cycle tour, beach clean and reef flats expeditions due to the amount of knowledge gleaned from the guides - so great to learn about the island.

Gemma Rogers, United Kingdom


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer. Immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.


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