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The beauty of the Seychelles is matched tenfold when you head below the surface of the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles is truly a wondrous experience for a number of reasons. The water is warm and clear giving you visibility of up to 50m and abundance of species here are simply spectacular.

Each of the Outer Island of Seychelles are surrounded by expansive coral reefs that reach for the skies. To cater for a variety of experience levels and to introduce guests to the underwater wonders of the region, we have selected a number of dive sites that hold unique species, intricate coral structures and beauty all around.

Join us for a scuba diving experience in Seychelles like no other.


5 Star Dive Resort
Untouched Reefs
GIANT Shoals of Species
Specialist team
PADI Certified
The only PADI Accredited Resort in the Outer Islands
Blue Safari Seychelles is recognised by PADI as a 5 star dive resort
Most of the coral reefs in the outer islands are untouched
Dive with Manta Rays, Sharks and Sea Turtles
Dive with Giant Shoals of Species
Dives guided by specialist team
Join our expert team and explore the incredible diversity of dive sites
Range of PADI Certified Courses Available


The Outer Islands of the Seychelles are arguably home to the best scuba diving in the world and our dive sites ensure experiences that will challenge and excite divers of all levels.

Impressive coral structures, unique species and excellent visibility allow our sites to stand above the rest. 

"Out in the blue there are opportunities to spot large Grouper, Dog-tooth tuna and Sharks cruising by"

The best dive site at Astove - Along most of the North West side of Astove there is a hugely impressive wall that drops steeply from a depth of only one or two metres to hundreds of metres almost vertically. In front of the Lodge there is a particularly nice section to dive where you can start the dive by descending through a hole in the reef top and then emerging at a depth of around 15m on to the wall itself. 

"Spot special kinds of Nudibranches or Snails"

The best dive site at Alphonse - Open water raised reef with its top at 16 meters covered with big colourful sea fans, schooling fish such as Emperors, Fusiliers, Snappers, Jacks, Potato Groupers, Moray Eels, and Napoleon Wrasse. Underwater photographers will be completely captivated by this dive site. This is a top spot around Alphonse, but only for experienced divers in ideal weather conditions. Sometimes this site has very strong currents, so a fast descent is necessary to hit the spot.

"Out in the blue sometimes some bigger predators can be seen such as Wahoo (kingfish) and Dorado."

The best dive site at Cosmoledo - The reef along the North-west side of Cosmoledo running from Menai island to Iles du Nord is one of the most spectacular of the Seychelles. With 100 percent coral cover and a wide range of fish there is plenty of diving to be done here. One particular site close to Petit Astove has a shallow reef with a slope that goes quickly down to 40-50m.  It is a very nice reef with potato groupers, turtles, Hammerheads early morning and many other fish. 

"It is a roller-coaster ride and one not to be missed."

One of our all-time favorite sites at Alphonse. Its sloping bottom topography is covered in hard coral which starts at 16 meters. On the plateau, you have a good chance of finding Scorpion Fish and Turtles sleeping under coral heads, as well as Grey Reef Sharks. The “Arcade” itself is U-shaped and consists of holes and overhangs where Napoleon and Groupers seek shelter from the gentle current. Schools of Dogtooth Tuna, Chevron Barracudas and Jacks frequent this dive site.

"The sheer abundance of turtles makes this one of our favourite scuba diving sites in the Outer Islands"

The best dive site at Poivre - The Northwest reef has a ridge line running at a depth of 10-18m. Covered in Green and Hawksbill turtles and a wide variety of reef fishes. Keep an eye out for Manta rays and reef sharks in this area.


Our dynamic and highly experienced team at the Dive Centre is here to help you have the best scuba diving experience there is. With years of diving experience and a vast knowledge of the sites in the Seychelles, you are in good hands. 

Sam Balderson

With a wealth of knowledge gleaned from almost two decades of diving and years working in conservation Sam is a highly experienced nature guide, both underwater and on land. He teaches underwater photography and takes fantastic shots.

"Scuba Diving has been a lifelong passion for me and being able to work in such a pristine environment is a dream come true "

Lucy Martin

With over a decade of professional scuba diving behind her, Lucy is an outstanding instructor. Her enthusiasm for marine life and conservation is unparalleled and is complimented by knowledge from training in marine biology.

"The diversity of species and dive sites will blow you away! I am forever in awe of the underwater wonders "

Tahlia Russell

Born in Australia, Tahlia moved to Thaliand at 18 to be a snorkel guide. She did her PADI Divemaster internship with Alphonse in 2018 and has been a real asset to the team.

"Nothing compares to the feeling I get when diving. Since getting my certification I knew scuba diving was what I wanted to do forever. "

Byron Anderson

After a year of non-stop diving all over Seychelles as a Divemaster, Byron completed his instructor course in South Africa. Now he pursues his underwater passion for the marine world and enjoys sharing first moments with his students.

"I absolutely love the amazing encounters we have with the pelagic species especially the sharks.  "

Gavin Grobler

Gavin is a water-man who began by competing in his school’s paddling team then braced the ocean waves of Durban. He went on to complete his Yachtmaster sailing the seas around Cape Town and now enjoys scuba diving.

"We have an absolutely great team and we get to have inspiring experiences every day "


Our pristine and mostly uninterrupted dive destinations allow guests a unique look into the aquatic ecosystems that surround the islands. Glide around beautiful coral reefs and through shoals of exotic species. Get ready to experience a world of weightless wonderment.  

Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island is found 400 km South-West of Mahé and can be reached via a 1-hour flight.

  • A wide range of dive sites that are suitable for all levels
  • Fantastic steep drop off walls covered in massive sea fans and black corals
  • Great abundance and diversity of reef fish species
  • A variety of shark species including hammerhead sharks
Discover Alphonse Island
Astove Atoll

Astove is a world filled with color, where the daily dramas of a pristine ecosystem play out in front of your very eyes. The atoll is famous for the acclaimed underwater documentary "The Silent World", filmed by Jacques Cousteau.

  • Amazing underwater topography with an incredibly steep wall
  • Highly diverse coral reed including large hard coral formations
  • An abundance of large and predatory fish species
Discover Astove Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo is just a stone’s throw away from the World Heritage Site of Aldabra and boasts a pristine and untouched ecosystem with a wonderful lagoon.

  • The richest and diverse areas of coral reef found anywhere in the Seychelles
  • Home to a number of larger species including sharks, rays and turtles
  • The atoll's lagoon has a large divable area
Discover Cosmoledo Atoll
Poivre Atoll

Poivre Atoll is situated on the Eastern edge of the Amirantes Bank, a short 300 km from the main island of Mahé.

  • Very healthy reefs with good coral diversity
  • We regularly encounter Manta Rays on dives
  • A vast number of fish species can be spotted along the reef systems
Discover Poivre Atoll


The Dive Centre at Alphonse Island ensures that all of the equipment and scuba gear is perfectly maintained and kept in top condition. The Centre also provides all gear and equipment needed for the courses and scuba diving excursions during your stay. This includes wetsuits (3mm short and full suits), masks, weights, cylinders (aluminum), regulators, fins (assorted sizes), BCD’s, dive computers and torches. The Dive Centre has partnered with Paralenz to provide guests with the best camera for scuba diving. These specialist cameras can be be rented on a daily basis or as part of a scuba diving package.

To ensure that guests reach their diving destination quickly and comfortably, Alphonse has two purpose-built dive boats, the Bijoutier and Zanbren. These twin engine, 225hp vessels are covered to allow shade from the sun and there are also towels, drink and snacks onboard for during or after your dive. The number of divers per trip are kept to a minimum with a maximum ratio of 1 guide to 5 divers which ensures a more personal experience. All of our skippers are fully licensed and endorsed for driving diving boats as well as being divers themselves. Along with their extensive knowledge about the gear and equipment, they also hold great insight into the various dive sites of the area.

Small groups to ensure personal experience
All gear and equipment provided
Specialist underwater cameras provided


Blue Safari Seychelles manages the only PADI Accredited Dive Resorts in the Outer Islands, which have a 5 Star accreditation by PADI. We are committed to providing the best scuba diving experiences and making the scuba training personal and safe.


The Dive Centre also offers a variety of diving courses for guests of all experience levels. For beginners or those looking to do a refresher course can choose from a selection of PADI Beginner, and PADI Open Water Courses on offer. These scuba diving courses are perfect those new to the sport as well as for children as they include the Discover Scuba Initiation Programme and the PADI Bubblemaker course.


For the experienced divers, there is an array of Advanced & Beyond Courses like PADI Dive Master, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Underwater Naturalist and more to dive into. There is also a selection of AWARE courses to take on, including AWARE Shark Conservation, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation and AWARE Specialist. 


At Alphonse Dive Centre there is something for everyone to enjoy!

PADI Beginner Courses for Kids
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
Best Scuba Diving Team in the Seychelles


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer - immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.


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