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Welcome to a magical experience with Manta Rays. Our unique snorkeling experiences allow guests to not only observe, but have close encounters with these graceful creatures.

Join our conservation team on an unforgettable snorkeling experience in the azure waters of the Seychelles. We’ve combined a leisurely snorkeling experience with an exciting encounter, all in the name of science. During the excursion, the individuals spotted are recorded and photos taken will help with the identifying of individuals and their movements.

Identified by their broad heads, triangular pectoral fins which can reach sizes of 5m in width and horn-shaped fins on either side of their mouths. Found in tropical and subtropical waters of the world, Manta Rays are a common sight in the remote waters of the Seychelles. All of our destinations boast regular sightings of Manta Rays.

Blue Safari gives our guests the opportunity to dive and snorkel with these majestic creatures while contributing to scientific research. 

Highlights of the experience

Memorable Manta Ray Sightings
Name a manta
Learn all about Mantas
Personal, safe experiences
Conservation-driven excursions
Pristine island location
These graceful creatures are spotted in small groups around the coral reefs that surround our islands
If you photograph a new Manta-ray, you can decide on its name
During the excursion, our conservation team will share interesting facts and stories of these gentle swooping giants
Guided by our expert team and geared with our top of the range equipment, we ensure an unforgettable experience
Our snorkeling with Manta Rays excursions are combined with important scientific data collection
The beautiful islands and warm surrounding waters create the perfect setting for marine life encounters


Max size of a Manta Ray
"Manta Rays are inquisitive and will often approach divers"
We have partnered with the Manta Trust as our research and conservation partners

Our Manta Snorkeling Destinations

The beauty of the Seychelles is accentuated by its rich biodiversity and remote location. The shimmering blue waters are home to a plethora of exotic species which are a delight to behold. Our destinations and unique experiences allow our guests to snorkel with these gliding giants in azure waters.

Alphonse Island
  • Large numbers of Manta Rays spotted around Alphonse Island
  • A satellite tracking project is run around the island
  • Several Manta Ray Cleaning Stations have been identified around Alphonse
  • Large population of Manta Rays make for great sightings and snorkeling
Discover Alphonse Island
Astove Atoll
  • The Astove reef wall is a popular spot for Manta ray sightings
  • Beautiful reef backdrop makes for stunning underwater photography opportunities
Discover Astove Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll
  • Manta Rays often sighted around the Cosmoledo coral reefs
  • Expansive vistas and clear waters create great photos
  • Images captured are added to Manta Ray monitoring and identification project
Discover Cosmoledo Atoll
Poivre Atoll
  • Large numbers of Manta Rays spotted around Poivre
  • Poivre is a great snorkeling and scuba diving spot to view Mantas
Discover Poivre Atoll


The curious species that make up the rich biodiversity of the Seychelles play an intricate role in their ecosystems as well as that of the world. It is thus of utmost importance that we protect these species for future generations and to ensure healthy ecosystems around the globe. 
The conservation teams of the the Outer Islands of the Seychelles  are dedicated to the protection and conservation of the unique and curious species found on and around our islands, and the beautiful Manta Rays are no exception. 
With large populations of the species found around our islands, the Island Conservation Society in conjunction with Manta Trust has implemented various project to monitor and collect data of this wonderful marine species. With satellite tracking, tissue samples and continued photographing of the species around the islands and at numerous cleaning stations, the teams are collecting important data for science. This data is used to track their movement, identify individuals and gather more information about their interactions.


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer - immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.

Lets us help you craft the getaway of a lifetime

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