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Mahé, Seychelles


Conserving the breathtaking natural beauty of the remote Outer Islands lies at the heart of who Blue Safari is and what we do. As the stewards of this area we work together with various partners and stakeholders to continuously pioneer conservation in this region.



We have various ongoing, long-term projects.  Each of these projects aims to provide lasting solutions.

Giant Trevally Tracking Project

ICS in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, SeyCCAT, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Blue Safari are using acoustic telemetry to track the movements of 74 Giant Trevally across the Alphonse Group, by studying this spatial ecology we are able to identify areas of essential habitat, determine how fishing activity influences this behaviour and quantify the carrying capacity for angling pressure on the flat’s ecosystem.

Native Vegetation Restoration

This project aims to restore the native vegetation to its most pristine and natural state. Guests get to learn all about the natural vegetation on the islands, explore the lush forests and plant an indigenous tree.

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises found on Alphonse and Aldabra are the longest living animals on earth. Alphonse Island now boasts ± 75 tortoises which are constantly monitored and studied for growth, movement and behavior. Guests can meet and feed them or join the ICS team as they track them in the wild.

Sea Birds & Waders

Unique species of seabirds nest on the islands of Seychelles. Some of our islands are Important Bird Areas for Birdlife International. A combination of monitoring techniques is used to estimate population sizes, breeding successes and foraging grounds identification. 

Sea Turtles

Seychelles is home to four different species of marine turtles. Our long-term monitoring aims to estimate the population trends of these creatures. Satellite tags have been deployed to study migration routes and thus better define the line of Marine Protected Areas surrounding these islands.

Coral Reefs

The health of coral reef communities is of prime importance for the integrity and long-term future of the islands, particularly in the face of rising sea levels. Monitoring techniques have been set by ICS to enable us to respond appropriately in order to maintain their health and diversity.

Subsistence Fisheries

The fishing in the area is monitored by ICS and records are kept of the fish caught for consumption. This way we contribute to better management of our fisheries, making them more sustainable.

Recreational Catch & Release

C&R ecotourism has been established with the Alphonse Fishing Company to benefit the fishery through best angling practices as well as creating livelihood opportunities for people in the region. Long term monitoring of catches assists the ICS to learn as to the impact of C&R fishing on the marine environment.

Manta Rays

In collaboration with the Manta Trust, ICS have implemented projects to monitor the behaviour, movement and population sizes of the Manta Rays in Seychelles. Guests can contribute to the Citizen Science project through photo-identification while snorkelling.

Marine Mammals

The expansive and mostly undisturbed waters around Seychelles offer a secret haven for a variety of cetaceans. Species like Melon-headed Whales, Spinner Dolphins and Humpback Whales have been recorded in the area through means of visual and acoustic surveys. This gives insight into the variety of species found here and their migratory patterns.

Bait Remote Underwater Videos

The ICS took part in a large-scale survey effort as part of the Global FinPrint Project. 100 Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUV) stations were deployed to capture the presence and movement of the sharks, rays and skates found in the area. This will add to the global database to be analysed.

Beach Clean-Up

Plastic in our ocean is one of the biggest threats to our marine life and ocean well-being. Our team welcomes guests to join regular beach clean-ups in an effort to remove the waste from the ocean and beaches, and learn about the impact we have on our oceans and how we can all help to make a difference.

Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs)

These artificial fishing devices are deployed by fishing trawlers around the world. Made from plastic or metal and hanging nets, the devices often entangle or damage sharks, rays, turtles and coral reefs. The ICS try their best to monitor these devices in the area. Once detected, the devices are removed and disposed of.


You can now actively take part in the following conservation experiences:

Beach clean-up
Ocean clean-up (FADs)
Plant indigenous trees
Turtle patrol & tracking
Tortoise Conservation
Manta Identification


Through partnering with the following establishments, we aim to uphold our philosophy and ethos of conservation with continued research, monitoring, rehabilitation and education.


Pristine Atolls
Estimated Coral Species
Coastal Fish Species
Species of Cetaceans
Marine Turtle Species
Bird Species

We integrate conservation into everything that we do and provide guests the opportunity to actively contribute.


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