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Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer - immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.

Scuba diving

The mostly untouched azure waters of the Seychelles is world-renowned for its incredible scuba diving.

  • Arguably the best diving in the world
  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Explore the aquatic landscapes of the Seychelles
  • The only PADI Accredited Dive Resort in the Outer Islands
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Enter a whole new world underneath the surface of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Unparalleled marine biodiversity
  • A great variety of snorkeling spots
  • Crystal clear waters with excellent visibility
  • A unique look at the underwater landscapes
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Fly fishing

The outer islands of Seychelles are known as being the best saltwater fly fishing destination in the world. 

  • Richest fishing grounds in the world
  • An unrivaled, world-class team of guides 
  • Varying terrains of flats, offshore and lagoons
  • Various sought-after species: giant trevally, milkfish, triggerfish, bonefish, permit
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Big game fishing

Get your heart pumping with exceptional big game fishing in one the world’s richest fishing grounds.

  • Target pelagic and resident species 
  • An unrivaled, world-class team of guides 
  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned fishers alike
  • Bluewater fishing starts a mere 10 minutes from the boat mooring
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Ocean activities

Immerse yourself into the magical indian ocean with ocean experiences like kayaking, pedalo and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding.

  • Warm, balmy, safe waters
  • Visibility reaches between 30 - 50 meters
  • Various specialist guides and marine biologists 
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Blue Safari

The stunning aquatic wilderness that surrounds the waters of the Outer Islands attract all manner of marine life and even a selection of cetaceans.

  • Watch playful spinner dolphins in action
  • Enjoy the element of surprise
  • View a variety of majestic whales
  • Observe manta, milkfish, tuna, and seabirds
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Turtle hatching & spotting

Being legally protected in the area, the scattered islands of the Seychelles provide a safe breeding ground for Green and Hawksbill Turtles.

  • View nesting turtles
  • Observe hatchlings make it to the ocean
  • Discover new nesting sites
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Reef flats expedition

Let one of our knowledgeable guides lead you across the expansive reefs that surround the islands. Venture to the very edge of the reef and learn all about the species found here.

  • Guided by our resident Marine Biologist
  • Gaze down over the edge of the reef flats
  • Spot juvenile turtles, sharks and rays
  • Actively contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem 
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Snorkel with mantas

Enjoy a magical experience with these majestic creatures. Snorkeling with manta rays is one of the highlights of the excursions.

  • View manta rays up close
  • Learn all about the species
  • Snorkel and capture photos for identification
  • Contribute to citizen science 
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Snorkel with sailfish

Snorkeling is a wonderful experience in itself, but at our islands destinations guests get the chance to snorkel with Sailfish.

  • A thrilling unforgettable experience
  • Spectacular sightings of hunting sailfish
  • An unique experience you can't do anywhere else
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Bird watching

We have teamed up with the Island Conservation Society to develop a series of ecotourism trips on the Outer Islands that are geared towards birders to conserve the habitats that birds need most.

  • Various endemic species
  • Newly rediscovered species found
  • Over 250 species of birds found in Seychelles
  • Large numbers of healthy breeding populations
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Conservation experiences

With the preservation of the area and its endemic species in mind, guests can join our teams to experience nature by contributing to its preservation. 

  • An experienced team of guides
  • Engage with nature in a new way
  • See nature from a new point of view
  • Learn more about how we can make a difference
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