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Dolphin and Whale Watching

The remote and rich waters of the Outer Islands are a favourite amongst various species, big and small, for feeding, breeding and simply passing through on their way to their desired destination. A sheer favourite amongst guests and staff alike, are the sweethearts of the ocean, the dolphin.

The waters of the Seychelles play host to a variety of risso’s, indo-Pacific, striped, long-beaked common, fraser’s as well as the entertaining spinner dolphins.

Climb aboard one of our custom-built vessels and sail across the beautiful blue ocean while viewing these gentle creatures frolic and play in the distance. 

Our destinations are true gems of the Seychelles where our guests get to explore and engage with the natural attractions found here. Learn all about the islands and view the wild array of species found on land and beneath the surface of the shimmering waters.


Crystal clear waters
View dolphin species
Guided by knowledgeable team
View various whale species
Create lifelong memories
Experience wild Seychelles
Safe, Personal Experiences
The waters around the islands have great visibility which makes for excellent viewing of an array of species
Various dolphin species like Risso’s, Indo-Pacific and Spinner Dolphins are spotted around the islands
All of our activities are guided by our specialist team that will teach you all about the species found here
Guests have been delighted by viewing of Minke, Bryde’s and Humpback Whales during excursions
The chance to view and maybe even dive or snorkel with these beautiful animals is a memory that will last forever
Very few activities are as thrilling as diving or snorkeling with these marine mammals and viewing them up close
Under the guidance of our dedicated team and aboard our custom-built vessels, we ensure a wonderful time

Dolphins of the Seychelles

The waters of the Seychelles plays host to around 25 different species of cetaceans, including 8 species of dolphins.

Common sightings around the islands include Indo-Pacific and Common Bottlenose Dolphins as well as the the very entertaining Spinner Dolphins. Their playful jumping and twirling through the air awes and delights visitors to the region.

Other dolphin species found here include Risso’s Dolphin (the only species in the Grampus genus), Rough-toothed Dolphin (the only species in the Steno genus), Fraser’s Dolphin (also known as the Sarawak Dolphin) and Indian Humpback Dolphin (with its characteristic humps and elongated dorsal fins).

Further species documented around the Seychelles include Striped Dolphin (which dive up to 700m to feed), Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (which has three subspecies) and Long-beaked Common Dolphin (which live in large groups made up of hundreds to even thousands of individuals).

These graceful and beautiful creatures still have thriving numbers in the wild and forms an intricate part of the ocean’s diverse ecosystem that stretches across the globe.

We are so fortunate to be able to view and monitor these species around our destinations and hope to continue to do so for generations to come. 

There are 8 species of dolphins in the Seychelles
Spinner Dolphins get their name from their acrobatic displays

Whale of the Seychelles

Species of whales documented around the region include Common and Antarctic Minke Whales; Pygmy and Dwarf Sperm Whales; Short-finned Pilot Whales as well as Blainville’s, Cuvier’s, Gray’s, Hector’s, Layard’s, True’s, Gingko-toothed and Deraniyagala's Beaked Whales. Further species sighted around the islands are Pygmy and Southern Blue Whales; False and Pygmy Killer Whales; Tropical Bottlenose Whales, Bryde’s Whales and Melon-headed Whales.

There are also ‘Endangered’ species like the Southern Sei Whale, Blue Whale and Southern Fin Whale, and ‘Vulnerable’ species such as the Sperm Whale which have been sighted in the Seychelles.

Humpback and Sperm Whales have been mostly spotted around the Outer Islands where they sometimes surprise divers and snorkelers with a special appearance.

A truly special sighting was in 2001 when Dugongs were sighted around the Aldabra Atoll. A survey in 2013 put the population numbers at between 14 and 20 members.

These massive marine mammals are a wonderful sight to behold and makes for memories treasured for a lifetime. 

A mother Humpback whale and her calf
We have spotted pods of over 300 Melon-head whales
Whale Sharks are occasionally spotted


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer - immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.

Lets us help you craft the getaway of a lifetime

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