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Looking to explore the submerged landscapes that surround our beautiful islands? Then head out with our very knowledgeable marine biologist on a reef flats excursion to learn all about these curious and fascinating aquatic structures teeming with life.

Trek across the impressive reef flats that stretch to the very edges of the atolls and peer into the depths they dive into. As you make your way across the flats, keep an eye out for swooping Eagle Rays, juvenile turtles, eels and a variety of other marine creatures that call the reefs their home.

Our expert marine biologist will guide you along the reef to ensure very little damage to the structures and is happy to point out the different sea creatures and share their knowledge of these animals, the reef flats and the islands. 

Guests who would like to learn more and get more involved, can take part in an optional volunteer biodiversity survey. During the survey, you will assist in gathering baseline data of all the species found on the flats.



"Lemon Sharks are known to return to the same nursery sites"
"Rays are very inquisitive and will often swim up to swimmers"


This is your chance to explore the very edge of the most remote islands of the Seychelles! Join your expert guide and learn all about the intricate reef flats ecosystems of Alphonse Island as well as Cosmoledo, Astove and Poivre Atolls. Get ready for a fascinating on-foot experience!

Alphonse Island

Learn all about the reef flats ecosystems of the largest island of the Alphonse Group with our resident marine biologist. Take on the rugged submerged terrain on foot and keep an eye out for smaller marine animals of the flats like Tiger Cowries and Brittle Stars. These excursions also give guests the chance to get close to larger species like various turtles, eels and juvenile sharks that feed on the flats.

Discover Alphonse Island
Astove Atoll

One of the features that Astove Atoll is well-known for is the area called “The Wall”. During the reef flats excursions here, guests can venture to the edge of “The Wall” and look down into the blue abyss beyond. The abundant seagrass here holds interesting species while the sightings of larger marine life like Green Turtles, Lemon Sharks and Stingrays are not uncommon.

Discover Astove Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll

The scattered islands of Cosmoledo Atoll hold rich seagrass beds and mangrove forests which play host to a plethora of curious creatures. Reef flats excursion at Cosmoledo offers guests the chance to view a variety of sharks and rays.

Discover Cosmoledo Atoll
Poivre Atoll

The islands that make up Poivre Atoll have become a sanctuary for various species. The beaches are nesting grounds for turtles while the shallows and reef flats offer an ideal habitat for an array of sharks, crabs, rays and other marine creatures found in the mangroves and seagrass.

Discover Poivre Atoll


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer. Immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.


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