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Providence Industrial Estate

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Mahé, Seychelles


The uniquely beautiful atolls managed by Blue Safari offer a variety of luxurious experiences to ensure that guests get an inside look into the wonderful nature that is found here.

The waters beyond our atolls are home to an underwater world that inspires and excites. Heading further away from the golden sandy beaches, the blue waters hold awe-inspiring coral reefs with exotic, colourful creatures of all shapes and sizes. The reefs are made up of gigantic sea fans and walls of thriving ecosystems. The cracks and crevices in the reefs are home to a plethora of eels, shrimps and sleeping sharks. These thriving patches of life are also favoured by larger species of pelagic fish, docile and predators alike.

All of these wonderful aquatic structures and creatures can be viewed through a variety of activities offered by the atolls’ activity centres. Dive into the depths to view them up close and personal through scuba diving and snorkelling, or choose to view them from above by kayaking, boat cruises and paddling across the shimmering waters. Our teams of dedicated and knowledgeable guides are also there to guide you and teach you all about these islands and their fauna and flora.

Are you ready to explore and discover the wonders they hold?


Island hopping

Jump on an excursion and explore the beautiful surrounding islands of our chosen atolls. Enjoy a lovely picnic lunch as you dig your toes into the golden sand and keep an eye on the trees for a chance to spot the resident birdlife.

  • These tropical gems can only be reached by boat
  • Many islands to explore, inhabited only by nature
  • These are popular nesting grounds for turtles
  • In the surrounding flats spot species such as rays, turtles and more 


Take a leisurely stroll on one of our pristine white sandy beaches. Most of our atolls are surrounded by these sun-kissed beaches that seem to stretch to the horizon. Spot scurrying crabs and birds along the way.

  • Our tropical beaches allow you to truly soak up the island tranquility
  • Take the time to simply lounge on the beach and soak up the golden sunshine


Paddle your way around paradise with this exciting activity. Suitable for the whole family, kayaking gives you a different perspective of the island and surrounding flats as you glide through crystal clear waters.

  • Enjoy a leisurely solo paddle or let one of our nature guides show you around
  • Keep an eye out for soaring birds above and an array of marine life below as you cruise along


Get ready for an exciting stand-up challenge. Originating in Hawaii, this fairly new sport has taken the world (and the Seychelles) by storm. Take in the stunning views while getting a moderate workout.

  • Great experience for everyone with even a moderate fitness level
  • Enjoy a steady paddle around the island as you take in the scenery

Sunset Cruises

Experience a Seychelles sunset in all its glory in stylish luxury. Board one of our luxury vessels and cruise your way to the golden horizon as you sip on champagne or sundowners.

  • Savour some quality time with a loved one, friends or family
  • Marvel at the sight of the shimmering blue ocean and golden skies colliding
  • Spot Spinner Dolphins or whales on your trip

What our clients say

“The water for scuba diving and snorkelling was crystal clear with lovely coral and absolutely myriads of fish of all colours and sizes”

Helen480 , Tripadvisor

“The staff were perfect, this place is unique, keep it that way! Everything is amazing!”

Paul S


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer. Immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.

Lets us help you craft the getaway of a lifetime

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Embark on an adventure to Alphonse Island during our Southeast Explorer Season with our exciting stay-pay offer!

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*This offer is valid from 01 May - 30 September 2024. T's & C's apply.