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Experience exceptional saltwater fly fishing in some of the world’s best fishing destinations. Let us create the ultimate fishing trip that you’ve always dreamt of.

Blue Safari creates bespoke fly fishing and blue water fly fishing experiences to destinations like Alphonse Island, Astove Atoll, Poivre Atoll and Cosmoledo Atoll. Our dedicated team of expert fishing guides and skippers along with our specialist gear and equipment helps you land the perfect catch. 

Home to a diverse range of landscapes and rich populations of sought-after species. Targetted species include feisty specimens like Milkfish, Bonefish, Barracuda, Indo-Pacific Permit, Sailfish, Triggerfish and the infamous Giant Trevally.  


World’s richest fishing grounds
GT Capital of the World
Specialised gear and equipment
Bespoke tailor-made experiences
Explosive blue water fly fishing.
Expansive wadeable flats
Strict Catch-and-Release Policy
Target sought-after species
The atolls provide the perfect habitat and hunting grounds for an array of impressive species
Cosmoledo Atoll is known for its large population of Giant Trevally. These bullish specimens rule the flats and offer a hardy challenge
Our fishing shops provide everything that you need and more
We create specific fishing experiences to meet your needs and requirements. All is taken care of so you can focus on the target
We have pioneered blue water fly fishing in the region and it makes for an explosive experience
Each of the islands holds magnificent white sandy flats. Perfect for wading and spotting your desired target in the shallows
We are committed to preserving the profound fish populations
Target species like Giant Trevally, Indo-Pacific Permit, Milkfish, Bonefish, Wahoo, Sailfish, Barracuda and more


Our team consists of local and international guides, skippers and deckhands with years of experience garnered across the world in their relevant fields.

Keith Rose-Innes

Renowned fisherman and explorer, Keith Rose-Innes has made quite the name for himself in the fly fishing world. Having pioneered various techniques and fished in more than 20 countries around the world, there’s no one better to have at the head of the team.

"Since my first fishing expedition to the outer islands, this place has captivated me. That was decades ago and I still dont want to be anywhere else. "

Devan van der Merwe

Devan is a veteran when it comes to Seychelles fly fishing with 9 years of developing and managing the best saltwater guide team on the planet. Devan heads up 26 professional guides, captains and deckhands and runs a fleet of 48 vessels.

"I am inspired by managing these world-class destinations while creating life-changing fishing experiences and memories which will last a lifetime. "

The team

Our 36 guides, captains, deckhands and fishing managers are well-positioned to ensure you get the very best from your fishing experience.

"You can rest assured that you’re at the best fishing spots, during the best times of the year, and under the watchful eyes of the world’s finest fly fishing guides and captains. "


The Outer Islands are home to the best saltwater fly fishing destinations in the world. Here’s your chance to take on the most sought-after species of the Indian Ocean.

Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island is home to a magnificent lodge, featuring various accommodation options and a spa. This makes it an ideal destination to travel with non-fishing partners and families.

  • One of the most prolific bone fisheries in the world
  • Home of the fabled milkfish, a turbo-charged algae-eater growing to 40lbs
  • The incredible diversity allows anglers to target a myriad of species
  • Offers great offshore fly fishing as well as traditional saltwater fly fishing
Discover Alphonse Island
Astove Atoll

Astove offers a rare privilege and unique opportunity to gaze into a world which has changed very little in the years that have passed.

  • The biggest flats-caught GT’s in the Indian Ocean
  • The lagoon is a sanctuary for both juvenile and trophy-sized fish
  • Surrounded by flats with deep drop-offs allowing predators easy access
  • Offshore fishing starts meters from the edge of the flats
Discover Astove Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo Island is near to Aldabra Atoll, a World Heritage Site, and boasts a newly build luxurious lodge.

  • Giant Trevally capital of the world
  • The benchmark for an explosive saltwater flats fishing experience
  • Vast numbers of bonefish, milkfish, indo-pacific permit and triggerfish
Discover Cosmoledo Atoll
Poivre Atoll

Poivre lies just short of 300km south of Mahé on the Eastern edge of the Amirantes Bank and is made up of two smaller islands, Poivre and Île du Sud.

  • Home to record-breaking Dogtooth Tuna
  • Famous for exceptional Bluewater fishing 
  • Known as the best Indo-Pacific Permit fishing spot in the Seychelles
  • Nearby Amirantes Trench and Dogtooth Tuna “Kennels” offer superb fishing experiences
Discover Poivre Atoll


Our knowledgeable and specialized team is complemented by a fleet of custom-built  skiffs and boats to ensure comfortable and easy access to our range of fishing destinations.

Skippered by our well-trained team members. Our fishing and tackle shops are also fully stocked with a comprehensive range of equipment which is designed to help you specifically target the species found at our destinations.

A range of flies, hooks, rods, lines and more can be rented or bought for your fishing experience and beyond.

Equipped with our specialised equipment and guided by excellent advice, you are now ready for the fishing experience of a lifetime! 

All equipment for rent and sale on island
Fully experienced and dedicated team
Purpose-built boats and specialised gear to get the best catch
Custom-tied flies available for specific targeting


Experience all that the Outer Islands of the Seychelles have to offer - immerse yourself in an untouched paradise with a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora.


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