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A sensational Experience with Sailfish

Snorkelling with Sailfish

One of the benefits of being located on an atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean is having the deep blue right at your doorstep which for us means a shot at encountering pelagic fish – especially Indo-Pacific Sailfish!

Known as the fastest fish in the ocean, the Indo-Pacific Sailfish leaves snorkelers with adrenaline running through them as these majestic fish race back and forth in hunt for food.

On Alphonse Island, the Blue Safari activities team has adopted conventional fishing methods and merged them with snorkeling to create the Sailfish Snorkel.

Being able to combine the knowledge and experience of both the fishing guides and the divers, we have been able to pinpoint the best opportunity to find and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

After being kitted up with a snorkel, mask and fins, everybody boards one of our custom designed boats and heads out to the drop-off.

Once outside the Alphonse channel, the crew starts to deploy Sailfish teasers that trail behind the boat.

Buzzing with anticipation, it’s time to see who catches the first glimpse of a Sailfish chasing the teasers.

The adrenaline surges when the first Sailfish is spotted and the crew shout “Sailfish!” - giving you less than a minute to jump in the water and encounter the frenzied spectacle happening right below the surface.

From the very first moment of going underwater you are awe-struck by the speed and agility of these blue bodies cutting through the water in chase of the hookless lures being cast out by the crew onboard.

Sailfish encounters can last anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes with anywhere between 1 and 10 Sailfish taking part in the frenzy.

Depending on the commotion the Sailfish cause, snorkelers can also catch glimpses of Wahoo and various species of sharks coming in for a closer look!  

Snorkeling with Sailfish is a truly unique Blue Safari experience that is offered nowhere else in the world. And what better backdrop for such an incredible experience than the crystal clear waters of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles!

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