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Alphonse Island

  • Size: 1 km2
  • Ambiance: Relaxed
  • Accessibility: Plane
  • KM from Mahe: 400 km

Welcome to the untouched, natural paradise that is Alphonse Island. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the island holds white sandy beaches, stylish accommodation, luxurious experiences and a range of exotic animals and endemic plantlife. It’s time to escape to your holiday in paradise!


Alphonse Island is found 400 km South-West of Mahé and can be reached via an 1 hour flight. The Island forms part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean.

Highlights of Alphonse Island

Resident pod of spinner dolphins

The history of Alphonse Island

First noted in 1562, the islands of Alphonse, St. François and Bijoutier have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The history of these islands tell of the change from the production of maize, pineapples, coconuts and sweet potato to being a safe haven for various endemic species. Once in the ownership of merchants, Mauritian families and the British Government, Alphonse Island is now home to a stylish holiday resort focused on conservation.

First noted on charts in 1562
Named in honour of French captain, Chevalier Alphonse de Pontevez
Alphonse produced pineapples, sweet potato, pumpkin, maize, bananas
In the past, turtle and pearl shells were exported from the island
The island housed the survivors of the MV Tulagi

Fauna and Flora of Alphonse Island

Due to its remote location, the islands of the Alphonse Group plays host to a variety of endemic vegetation, animal life and exquisite marine life that call the surrounding azure waters their home. The sandy beaches and coconut forests make it a quiet retreat as well as breeding ground for a host of migratory seabirds and turtles. With over 130 bird species recorded, guests can expect glimpses of Red-footed boobies and frigatebirds. Alphonse island is also home to a small reintroduced population of Aldabra giant tortoises.

Over 130 bird species recorded on the islands
Nesting grounds of Green & Hawksbill Turtles
Newly discovered population of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters
Cetaceans like Spinner Dolphins and Humpback Whales frequent the waters
Coral Reefs around the islands reach incredible depths and beauty

Key Experiences at Alphonse

Alphonse Island prides itself in its luxurious island and ocean experiences. Alphonse Island is a truly remarkable natural backdrop to indulge in these activities.

Snorkel with mantas

  • View manta rays up close
  • Learn all about the species
  • Snorkel and capture photos for identification
  • Contribute to citizen science 
Snorkel with mantas

Turtle hatching & spotting

  • View nesting turtles
  • Observe hatchlings make it to the ocean
  • Discover new nesting sites
Turtle hatching & spotting

Bird watching

  • Various endemic species
  • Newly rediscovered species found
  • Over 250 species of birds found in Seychelles
  • Large numbers of healthy breeding populations
Bird watching

Reef flats expedition

  • Guided by our resident Marine Biologist
  • Gaze down over the edge of the reef flats
  • Spot juvenile turtles, sharks and rays
  • Actively contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem 
Reef flats expedition

Conservation experiences

  • An experienced team of guides
  • Engage with nature in a new way
  • See nature from a new point of view
  • Learn more about how we can make a difference
Conservation experiences

Ocean activities

  • Warm, balmy, safe waters
  • Visibility reaches between 30 - 50 meters
  • Various specialist guides and marine biologists 
Ocean activities

Fly fishing

  • Richest fishing grounds in the world
  • An unrivaled, world-class team of guides 
  • Varying terrains of flats, offshore and lagoons
  • Various sought-after species: giant trevally, milkfish, triggerfish, bonefish, permit
Fly fishing


  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Unparalleled marine biodiversity
  • A great variety of snorkeling spots
  • Crystal clear waters with excellent visibility
  • A unique look at the underwater landscapes

Scuba diving

  • Arguably the best diving in the world
  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Explore the aquatic landscapes of the Seychelles
  • The only PADI Accredited Dive Resort in the Outer Islands
Scuba diving

Blue Safari

  • Watch playful spinner dolphins in action
  • Enjoy the element of surprise
  • View a variety of majestic whales
  • Observe manta, milkfish, tuna, and seabirds
Blue Safari
Snorkel with mantas
Turtle hatching & spotting
Bird watching
Reef flats expedition
Conservation experiences
Ocean activities
Fly fishing
Scuba diving
Blue Safari

The Lodge and Facilities

Alphonse Island offers the best of both worlds: remote enough to soothe your soul, but with a variety of facilities to make your stay comfortable and extremely enjoyable. With everything you need on one island and more, you can do as much (or as little!) as you like.

Azure Spa
Fishing Centre
PADI SCUBA Diving Centre
Three Bars
A sanctuary where your mind can relax and your body can unwind
Features a fully stocked tackle shop and various fishing excursions
The 5 star PADI certified Dive Center provides all equipment and a full setup service
The three bars offer guests a selection of settings to enjoy refreshing drinks
Enjoy diverse cuisine in the congenial atmosphere of the restaurant

What our clients say

“Alphonse is an amazing place that should be on the bucket list of any keen saltwater angler. Spectacular location, incredibly diverse fishery, excellent guides, 5 star accommodation and food.”

Douglas McLean

“The diving was just perfect! So many species, I learned a lot which greatly added to my enjoyment. Sam, Lucy, and the team are all great people and thoroughly knowledgeable and professional.”

Heather Garnett

“The staff were perfect, this place is unique, keep it that way! Everything is amazing!”

Paul Semboglou

“What an incredible honeymoon!”

Matthew H, Tripadvisor


The Alphonse Island Lodge offers a variety of accommodation to suit your needs. Tucked into the natural vegetation and a stone’s throw from the water’s edge - what more could you ask for?

Beach Bungalows

Beach Bungalows

The 22 Beach Bungalows are set amongst lush tropical plantations just metres from the beach. 


Size: 58 sqm
From: 850 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults, 1 Child

Beach Suite

Beach Suite

The 5 Beach Suites are spacious and well-appointed, with direct access to the beach.

Size: 126 sqm
From: 1275 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults & 2 Children

Beach Villa

Beach Villa

The most exclusive offering in our portfolio, the 2 Beach Villas are carefully positioned for privacy and comfort. 

Size: 900 sqm
From: 1175 pp pn
Occupancy: 8 Adults

Alphonse Holiday Packages

Let us guide you through what a holiday at this unique Blue Safari destinations might look like. These are simply suggestions for an amazing Alphonse Island holiday package and we can easily alter details to suit your personal preferences.

Alphonse Fly Fishing Itinerary

Over and above offering world-class fly fishing, Alphonse Island has plenty to offer your partner, spouse or family if they wish to join.

9735 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary
Alphonse Scuba Diving Itinerary

The sheer abundance and massive size of fish at Alphonse Island needs to be seen to be believed! 

8090 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary
Alphonse Holiday Itinerary

A well-rounded resting place that offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained, along with postcard-perfect beaches and a superb lodge. 

8575 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary


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