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Providence Industrial Estate

Zone 18 – Parcel S9566, No. 6023, Providence
Mahé, Seychelles

Explore the uninhabited

Island Hopping

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean is the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles. This remote collection of islands are known for their crystal clear waters, endless stretches of white sandy beaches and a wide variety of rare bird and fierce fish species. 

Heading south-west of the capital of the Seychelles, Mahé, you'll find the secluded Alphonse Island. A stay at Alphonse will give you the chance to explore tropical landscapes as well as the neighbouring islands of St. François and Bijoutier Island.

St. François

Explore the uninhabited island of St. Francois on a nature hike unlike any other.

Follow your guide through mangroves where birds roost high in the treetops or watch other species wade across the vast white sand flats.

The wildlife on this piece of untouched paradise will amaze you, and you are sure to spot amazing sights such as mangrove crabs and nursing baby sicklefin lemon sharks.

Look out for manta rays, pelagic fish and cetaceans on the 40 minute crossing from Alphonse Island.

Bjoutier Island 

Bijoutier, meaning jewel in French, has earned its name through and through, and we are sure you will agree once you’ve been to visit. 

Spend the day exploring this beautiful island, stroll the deserted beaches and swim in the crystal clear water.

This is a hotspot for turtle nesting and our activities team will explain the life cycle of these beautiful and unique animals from hatching to laying their own eggs.

If you are lucky you might even see the nests of the Wedge-tailed Shearwater when peering into the depths of the forest!

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