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5510 per person
7 nights

A hands-on conservation experience on Alphonse Island

Join our conservation team for an awe-inspiring week in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles on the Alphonse group of islands. 

During this in-depth wildlife conservation experience, you will gain ecological insight and education through nature-based experiences.

Led by our team of passionate conservationists, you will be involved in a range of activities and projects which will include patrolling, monitoring and surveying various ecological aspects of the Alphonse Islands such as coral reefs, bird species, turtles and seagrass.

Make a difference this Explorer Season!

  • Valid for stays completed from 1 May – 30 September 2021
  • Applicable accommodations: Beach Villa, Beach Bungalow and Beach Suite
  • 2 Complimentary nights
  • Conservation experiences
  • Complimentary activities
  • 3 Meals daily
  • Terms and conditions apply.


7 NIGHTS IN LUXURY accommodation

Stay 7 nights & pay for 5

The pricing for this package is based on a per person rate for two people sharing, with current rates valid until 30 September 2021.

*Please note that all activities are weather dependant.





Conservation Activities on Offer

Reef Flats Expedition & Biodiversity Surveys

The Reef Flats Expedition allows you to explore and learn about the unique inner lagoons of atolls, barrier reef ecosystems and all the animals that live there. This includes flats-specialists such as turtles, moray eels, giant trevallies and a plethora of weird and wonderful invertebrates.

Seagrass Surveys

The lagoons and flats around Alphonse are home to extensive and largely undisturbed seagrass meadows. These environments are vital to the functionality of tropical coastal marine ecosystems. You will help our on-site NGO collect valuable data on the health of these environments, to better understand the management of our fishery and marine resources. 

Bird Watching Activities

Learn about and assist in monitoring the different bird species present on Alphonse. Be enlightened by the history of these birds over the course of Alphonse’s occupation by humans and subsequent habitat alteration, through to conservation success stories since the arrival of the Island Conservation Society (ICS).

Introduction to Coral Reef Ecology & Identification of Reef Fish & Corals

These activities will include an interactive presentation and then a guided point-out presentation where guests will learn to identify reef fish, corals and learn about reef ecology. These snorkels can be done on sites such as Oasis or even the house reef in front of the Activity Centre.

Evening Presentation

Introduction to Coral Reefs, Seychelles Manta Ray Project and Shark Awareness and Conservation. As the stewards of this area we work together with various partners and stakeholders to continuously pioneer conservation in this region.

Beach Clean-Ups

Learn about the impact of debris on these remote outer island ecosystems and help to protect these pristine habitats by removing plastic. Finally, turn trash into unique decorative works of art to be used in the dive and fishing centre as a way of making a positive and educational statement.

Turtle Patrol

ICS conducts monitoring activities to assess status and trends of turtle nesting populations and foraging aggregations. These monitoring activities also identify critical nesting and foraging areas, in order to better understand the biology of turtles and to determine which sites warrant inclusion within the Seychelles Protected Area network.

Native Tree Planting

Help our conservation team restore Alphonse’s natural habitat by eradicating coconut palms and planting indigenous trees. Guests get to learn all about the natural vegetation on the islands, explore the lush forest and plant an indigenous tree.

Tortoise Feeding

All the tortoises on Alphonse Island have been specially micro-chipped to allow ICS to effectively monitor the population size and study the movement patterns, behaviour, growth and survival of individuals. The juveniles are fed daily in the tortoise pen where you can join our team in learning about this prehistoric species!


A pristine and unspoiled natural paradise
Committed conservation pioneers
An unimaginably rich ecosystem
A huge diversity of fauna and flora
Untouched biodiversity hotspots
Remote tropical island brimming with natural beauty.
Guided by a team that is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about conservation.
Azure blue waters with an estimated 320 species of coral.
The remote location makes Alphonse a place of wild natural splendour.
Alphonse plays host to a plethora of curious birds and sea creatures.


“Sophie, my Daughter, has come away more determined than ever to be a marine biologist and specialize in shark conservation, thanks to The Alphonse team.”

Caroline Huber

“I enjoyed the cycle tour, beach clean and reef flats expeditions due to the amount of knowledge gleaned from the guides - so great to learn about the island.

Gemma Rogers, United Kingdom

“We had the most amazing holiday on this beautiful island. Thank you to the dive team, conservation team and rest of the island staff for their pure dedication to keep this island as unique as it is. Also for being such an inspiration to our whole family!”

Caroline Huber


Our Explorer Season is geared towards introducing you to the unsung beauty of Alphonse Island during the months of May to September.

Driest and sunniest time of the year
Perfect time to see turtles nesting or hatching
Spot migratory bird species
Soak up the tranquility and remote location
Try your hand at fly fishing
Warm tropical waters lapping at your feet


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New travel regulations make Seychelles open for travellers across the globe!

As of the 25th of March 2021, Seychelles has been welcoming guests from across the globe. The only requirement is a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure, as well as a Health Travel Authorisation. Find out more about the new travel regulations below.

Seychelles Travel Update