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Encounter large schools of fish

Scuba Dive with Schooling Fish

The Outer Islands of the Seychelles boast healthy coral reefs as well as an astounding abundance of marine life. At almost all of the dive sites around Alphonse Island, you can be certain you’ll see enormous schools of a variety of fish species.

The Blue Safari team on Alphonse Island have watched the growth of schooling fish increase over the past 5 years and have noticed particular schools sticking around.

Scuba diving in the middle of thousands of Bigeye Barracudas forming a tornado around you is an awe-inspiring experience quite commonly encountered at a dive site east of Alphonse Island known as Abyss.

Or perhaps you would prefer a more relaxed encounter of schooling fish, like at Arcade where an enormous school of Bluelined Snapper have taken up residency along the reef.

No matter the species, encountering large schools of fish is a mesmerizing experience like no other.

This is true for schools that cluster together in tightly knit groups forming blankets over the coral reefs as well as large groups that slowly ‘migrate’ past.

Bumphead Parrotfish, for example, can be seen in loose groups of up to thirty individuals patrolling the reefs, looking for the next delicious patch of reef to feast on.

Orbicular Batfish tend to congregate in the hundreds around large coral heads, slowly prying away into smaller groups when they become curious of divers.

So don’t be surprised if you are being followed by these inquisitive fish throughout a dive at Eagle Nest.

The Blue Safari team’s pick of favourite dive site for schooling fish is a spot known as Napoleon. Napoleon is a raised reef in the open ocean that is overrun by giant schools of Bluelined Snapper, Humpback Snapper and Yellow Dot Emperors.

Here large schools of Bluestreak Fusilier being preyed upon by agile Bluefin Trevally is also a typical sighting on a dive. 

There is a whole new wonderful world waiting for you just beneath the waves. Join our expert diving team and explore this strange, but colourful world of magnificent schools of fish. 

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