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Explorer Season at Alphonse Island

It's our Explorer Season at Alphonse Island from May to September. Get ready to experience quiet picnics on secluded beaches, sunset cruises with loved ones, mesmerizing encounters with captivating marine life and blissful spa treatments; all in picture-perfect surroundings that enhance every sensation.


Our Explorer Season is geared towards celebrating the unsung beauty of Alphonse Island during the months of May to September.

This time of year offers sun-drenched days which are followed by balmy evenings. The inviting tropical waters lure one in and allows you to enjoy the fascinating marine life on display.

The slower island pace and luxurious accommodation, along with a team that will exceed your expectations, whatever they might be, contributes to complete relaxation.


We know a picture is worth a thousand words, and thus we have created five short videos to showcase our favourite features of this special atoll during this extraordinary period.


Linger longer during Alphonse’s Explorer Season by staying for 7 nights and only paying for 5.  Every year we celebrate this magical time at Alphonse Island with our incredible Explorer Season Special. We are excited to share paradise with you once more.

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