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Astove Atoll

  • Size: 7 km2
  • Ambiance: Relaxed
  • Accessibility: Plane
  • KM from Mahe: 1055 km

Welcome to the pristine ecosystem of Astove Atoll. The Atoll holds a large inner lagoon, white sandy beaches, a plethora of bird and fish species, and its awe-inspiring Wall holds impressive sheer drop-offs which makes you feel like you’re staring down the Grand Canyon.


The islands of Astove and Charlotte that make up the Atoll is located roughly 35 km southwest of Cosmoledo Atoll. This Atoll forms part of the remote jewels scattered throughout the azure waters of the Indian ocean, the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. 

Highlights of Astove Atoll

A high number of nesting turtles in Seychelles
Large inner lagoon with a single entrance
A healthy number of Giant Aldabra Tortoises
Single Astove Atoll Lodge
Exceptional fishing destination

The history of Astove Atoll

The history of Astove tells that the area was mostly explored by Arab sailors and merchants between 1000 and 1500 AD. The first mention of settlement on the island would only be noted after 1760. This would be the year that the Portuguese frigate La Dom Royal and its crew and captain ran aground on the island. Legend tells that the ship was heavy with slaves and treasure. After the captain and crew left the island for Mozambique, the slaves left behind formed a small community who lived off the land and the ocean. 
The 1800’s would see more visit the island and reports of coconut trees and mangroves being spotted. In 1895, a fishing enterprise was started on the island and later years would see the farming of maize, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, gourds and tobacco. For a brief time, guano extraction also proved profitable.
In 1968, the lease of Astove was passed on to Mark and Wendy Veevers-Carter. Already the successful producers of a copra plantation on Remire Island, the Veevers-Carters aimed to do the same on the larger Astove. The couple built a house, chapel, store and houses for their workers and set on to get their copra plantation started. They also managed to successfully farm tobacco, cattle, pigs and goats. 
Wendy Veevers-Carter managed the farm on her own until November of 1970 after her husband passed away in March of that year. The endeavour soon became too much for her and she returned to her homeland of the United States with her 3 children and left the island in the care of 3 Seychellois employees. The island was eventually abandoned and in 2014, it was officially declared a nature reserve. 

During the 1800’s coconut trees and mangroves were sighted on the island
The Portuguese frigate La Dom Royal ran aground on Astove
Mark and Wendy Veevers-Carter had a successful copra plantation on the island

Fauna and Flora of Astove

Once the island was abandoned, the natural vegetation and inhabitants slowly made their way back. Nowadays the rugged terrains of Astove holds Coconut Palms and Mangrove Forests in the shallows. The undisturbed landscapes have seen the return of various bird species like crab plover and caspian tern along with other migratory waders and breeding seabirds. The island also holds a healthy population of giant aldabra tortoises that are being monitored by the ICS Teams.
The surrounding waters and the colourful coral reefs that they hold plays host to a variety of curious and impressive marine animals. This combined with the sheer drop-offs of “The Wall” and drastic fluctuations of the inner lagoon, create nutrient-rich currents which brings with it an assortment of sought-after fish species. The high number of species like indo-pacific permit, barracuda, bluefin trevally and the like, is what makes Astove such and incredible fishing destination.

Stunning inner lagoon with Mangrove Forests
Healthy, unbleached corals reefs
Healthy number of Giant Aldabra Tortoises
Large numbers of sought-after fish species
Impressive coral reefs along “The Wall”

Key Experiences at Astove

We pride ourselves in the wonderful island and ocean experiences. It is a truly remarkable natural backdrop to indulge in these activities.

Turtle hatching & monitoring

  • View nesting turtles
  • Observe hatchlings making their way to the ocean
  • Discover new nesting sites with the conservation team
Turtle hatching & monitoring

Reef flats expedition

  • Guided by our resident Marine Biologist
  • Gaze down over the edge of the reef flats
  • Spot juvenile turtles, sharks and rays
  • Actively contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem 
Reef flats expedition


  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Unparalleled marine biodiversity
  • A great variety of snorkeling spots
  • Crystal clear waters with excellent visibility
  • A unique look at the underwater landscapes

Scuba diving

  • Some of the best diving in the world
  • Pristine coral reefs
  • Explore the magnificent aquatic landscapes of the Seychelles
  • The only PADI Accredited Dive Resorts in the Outer Islands
Scuba diving

Fly fishing

  • Richest fishing grounds in the world
  • An unrivalled, world-class team of guides
  • Varying terrains of flats, offshore and lagoons
  • Various sought-after species: Giant Trevally, Milkfish, Triggerfish, Bonefish, Indo-Pacific Permit
Fly fishing

Bird watching

  • Various endemic as well as migratory species
  • Newly rediscovered species found
  • Over 250 species of birds in Seychelles
  • Large numbers of healthy breeding populations of various species
Bird watching
Turtle hatching & monitoring
Reef flats expedition
Scuba diving
Fly fishing
Bird watching

The Accommodation and Facilities

The single accommodation, Astove Coral House, ensures a unique experience as it only caters for a small number of guests per week. The House provides stylish relaxation with Creole dining and great service.

Air-conditioned, en-suite rooms
Full-course meals provided
Newly, renovated Lodge
Spacious Dining Room
Choose where to dine
Enjoy a comfortable stay at our Lodge with our stylish en-suite rooms
Sit down to a full English breakfast, packed lunch and Creole buffet dinner
To ensure the best stay, we ensure the Lodge and rooms are equipped with all the amenities needed
Savour your meals and drinks after a long day in the spacious lounge as you share stories with other guests
Guests can choose to dine in the comfortable lounge as well as the indoor or outdoor dining areas

What our clients say

“Walk out on to the shallow flats and you cannot even begin to believe the numbers of turtles,rays, fish and eels you will see. This is one of the last true wilderness areas fantastically conserved by the owners and supported by the Island Conservation Society.”

Mike S


Overlooking picture-perfect beaches, fringed by palm trees and with not another soul in sight, the lodge is wonderfully unique and completely immersed in the natural surroundings of the outer islands.

Coral House Rooms

Coral House Rooms

The 6 rooms surround a central courtyard and are rustic, yet comfortable.

Size: 10 sqm
From: 800 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults 
View Room

Blue Holiday Packages

Let us guide you through what a holiday at this unique Blue Safari destinations might look like.

Astove Fly Fishing Itinerary

Wild, rugged and completely unspoiled, Astove brags with the biggest flats-caught GT’s on record along with a diverse fishery that will constantly astound and amaze.

10537 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary
Best of Alphonse Itinerary

A well-rounded paradise that offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained, along with postcard-perfect beaches and a superb lodge.

9405 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary
Alphonse Scuba Diving Itinerary

The sheer abundance and diversity of marine life aroundt Alphonse Island, Bijoutier Island and St. François Atoll needs to be seen to be believed!

8385 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary


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