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13350 pp
11 Nights

The ultimate island holiday

Choose from our range of unique and remote destinations and discover the Alphonse group of islands as well as the atolls of Cosmoledo and Astove. Be led by our team of expert rangers, marine biologists, dive masters, fly fishing guides, conservationists and ecologists and encounter experiences like no other!

One to three hours’ flight from Mahé, you will find island destinations like no other. These well-rounded resting places offer plenty of activities to keep you entertained, along with postcard-perfect beaches and a complement of staff who will not hesitate to go the extra mile.. Relax, frolic and enjoy.


Alphonse Island and St. François Atoll
Cosmoledo Atoll
Astove Atoll
11 Night Package
Flats Lunch

Holiday package details

Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect from your dream holiday in the Outer Islands! This itinerary is simply here to inspire; you can choose what you would like to do and when and our travel team will tailor a proposal to your specifications.

Day 1-4

Day 1-4 - Overview

A scenic three hour flight from the main island, you will find the remote Astove Atoll.  This breathtaking marine environment has magnificent drop offs-that attract the world’s finest divers and aquatic photographers and is famous for Jacques Cousteau’s “The Silent World” which was filmed partly along its edges. The newly renovated Coral House with only six rooms receives a handful of guests each week. Astove is surrounded with white sandy beaches which are also home to one of the largest populations of nesting turtles.

While away days kayaking amongst turtles, exploring the reefs, going on snorkeling safaris and generally learning more about the astounding ecosystem of this atoll.

  • Warm welcome by the Management Team
  • Home of famous “Astove Wall”, comparable to an underwater Grand Canyon
  • Endless white sandy beaches
  • Max 12 guests per week 
Day 4-8

Day 4-8 - Overview

After your wonderful stay on Astove, it's time to take a one-hour boat transfer to the iconic Cosmoledo Atoll. Referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, Cosmoledo is as wild and remote as you can get and features an untouched ecosystem that boasts vast sand flats, over 20 beautiful islands, islets and cays  and a truly wonderful lagoon. It is an exceptional atoll with just eight unique Eco Pods that blend seamlessly with the diverse landscape, ultimately defining barefoot luxury in a place that is frozen in time. A truly remote and private retreat boasting incredible birdlife, Cosmoledo Atoll can only be described as one of “Mother Nature’s’’ finest creations.  Careful, it’s addictive! 

Whilst the pace of life at Cosmoledo Atoll is slow, ylong, balmy days will be filled with exciting interactions with the amazing natural splendour of this atoll. 

  • Ultimate barefoot luxury destination
  • Newly constructed eco-lodge
  • Nesting Green Turtles
  • Incredible populations of exotic birds
Day 8-12

Day 8-12 - Overview

It’s time to head to the heart of our operations, Alphonse Island.  Here you will find a well-rounded resting place that offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained, whilst the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean gently lap the dazzling white sandy beaches which are fringed by palm trees and surrounded by a tropical paradise. Alphonse Island features a small stylish hotel with a magnificent pool, the Azure Spa and an incredible diversity of experiences led by an expert team. Relax in one of the authentic Beach Bungalows, Beach Suites or Beach Villas with direct beach access and uninterrupted panoramas of the surrounding ocean.

Enjoy an array of complimentary activities such as Reef Excursions, Island Tours, Nature Conservation Talks, SUPing, kayaking and much more.

  •  Visit the incredible Azure Spa
  • Cycle around the island on your bicycle
  • Wonderful house reef to snorkel from shore
  • Over 60 Aldabra Tortoises


Unforgettable memories, unique experiences, some of the most remote islands in the world and pristine beaches make for a priceless holiday, but we are delighted to confirm the following inclusions:





What is Included?


Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and prepared with fresh ingredients. Inspiration is drawn from the island and the ocean, and produce is picked fresh from our vegetable garden.

Scheduled inter-island charter flights

Return flights to Alphonse Island from Mahé are operated on Saturdays, with additional flights on other days possible over periods of high demand. 

Non-motorised Water Sports

Non-motorised Water Sports include:

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boats
  • Stand-Up Paddleboards.
Coffee and Tea

Using delicious 100% Arabic and African coffee beans in our new Astoria coffee machine, coffee has never tasted so good! A selection of tea also available.

Island Specialties

Each week, guests are offered a few luxuries that the Outer Islands have become renowned for such as Sundowners on the Beach and the Flats Lunch.

Wine dinner

Enjoy a glass of the finest wine the Seychelles has to offer with every dinner


Be the first to leave footprints on powder soft beaches
The remoteness of the outer islands have protected it from human influence
Close to the equator and blessed with one of the world’s healthiest climates
A world-renowned and unimaginably rich ecosystem
Home to various endemic species found nowhere else on earth
Breeding grounds for Hawksbill and Green Turtles, our favorite island visitors
Enjoy the unrivaled marine biodiversity with visibility easily reaching 30 - 50 meters
Each Blue Safari island features a single lodge


We choose destinations that meet our anglers’ needs and desires. You can focus on one atoll or combine several for a richer and more varied experience.

Explore unchartered waters as we discover new and exhilarating dive sites.

11570 pp
7 Nights
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Be one of a lucky few divers to ever experience diving the sheer drop-off of ‘The Astove Wall’

10765 pp
7 Nights
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An hour’s flight from Mahé, you will find an island destination like no other.

9405 pp
7 Nights
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Be one of a lucky few divers to ever experience diving the sheer drop-off of ‘The Astove Wall’

10765 pp
7 Nights
View Itinerary


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