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South Africa


One of the most remote inhabited islands in Seychelles, Astove Atoll features a rugged and dramatic landscape with limestone rock and sand dunes rising against the horizon. It’s an environment which has had very little human impact placed on it in recent decades. 


Incredible Fresh Cuisine
Tailored experience
Excellent, professional team
Pristine and untouched
Off the beaten track
An untouched ecosystem
Outstanding Fly Fishing
Feast on freshly prepared Creole cuisine
Our team focuses on making this your dream holiday
The team at Astove Coral House bring both experience and passion to the table
Only a small number of guests allowed over a limited season, restricting human impact
One of the most remote inhabited islands in Seychelles
A rare privilege to gaze into an unchanged and pristine world
The benchmark for an outstanding saltwater fishing experience


Dining Experience

Astove Coral House offers superb dining in either the indoor or outdoor dining area, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your package. The menu usually comprises of an English breakfast in the morning, a buffet lunch or packed picnic lunch to enjoy elsewhere, and a buffet dinner served in the dining room. Cuisine is locally inspired by the Seychellois Creole-style with freshly caught fish being a key ingredient.

Sundowners are enjoyed most evenings at a beautiful spot on the beach, allowing everyone to gather and discuss the events of the day.


Activity Centre

With the prolific marine life around these atolls, the fly fishing and diving one can experience around Astove Atoll is some of the best in the world! The birding enthusiasts should not despair though, as Astove also offers a variety of interesting bird life around the atoll.

Astove has seen very few SCUBA divers in the past decade. The marine life that is encountered is therefore quite inquisitive and likely to approach divers, as they haven’t learned to be wary. Astove is most famous for the “Astove Wall” - a very steep wall that drops vertically from 1-2 metres to more than 50 metres in a short distance - and those few people that have dived here regard it as one of the best dive sites in the world. Sightings range across the board from reef to pelagic fish, big predators and tiny macro life, and the wall is covered with a forest of gorgonian fans and colourful soft corals that extends down to great depths. The large marine turtle population means that you will see countless turtles, both Green and Hawksbill; they are absolutely guaranteed during your trip!

You will also have the most experienced fly fishing guides in Seychelles at your service, assisting you with everything from advice on your casting and the right flies, to ensuring that your experience is tailored to your specific requirements, strengths and weaknesses. Astove is famous as the home of the largest flat-caught Giant Trevallies in the world, and you are likely to tangle with a few of these monsters! The fly shop stocks a wide range of custom-tied flies, fly lines, AFC merchandise and other fly fishing paraphernalia.


What our clients say

“The staff were perfect, this place is unique, keep it that way! Everything is amazing!”

Paul Semboglou

“Snorkelling was our favourite activity because it was very relaxing and there was stunning things to see.”

Ed & Millie Green

“A fishing Mecca that is unmatched - Truly one of the most unbelievable fishing destinations in the world.”

Anton T, South Africa, Tripadvisor


Surrounding a central courtyard, the 6 Double Rooms are charming, comfortable and well-appointed. With en-suite bathrooms and full air conditioning, the recently refurbished rooms offers you rustic accommodation in one of the most remote locations in the world!

Astove Coral House Rooms

Astove Coral House Rooms

The 6 rooms surround a central courtyard and are rustic, yet comfortable.

Size: 10 sqm
From: 800 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults 
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Overlooking picture-postcard-perfect beaches, fringed by palm trees and with not another soul in sight, each of the 3 Blue Safari islands‘ lodges are wonderfully unique and completely immersed in the natural surroundings of the Outer Islands.



The heart of our operations, Alphonse Island features a beautiful lodge on the eastern edge of the island with a multitude of activities and excursions to choose from as well as an inviting pool, lovely dining area, and 3 bars.

  • Restore body and mind in Azure Spa
  • Enjoy a refreshing drink at one of three bars
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Beach Bungalows

Beach Bungalows

The 22 Beach Bungalows are set amongst lush tropical plants, just metres from the beach.


Size: 58 sqm
From: 850 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults, 1 Child
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Beach Suite

Beach Suite

The 5 Beach Suites are spacious and well-appointed, with direct access to the beach.

Size: 126 sqm
From: 1275 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults & 2 Children
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Beach Villa

Beach Villa

The most exclusive offering in our portfolio, the 2 Beach Villas are carefully positioned for privacy and comfort. 

Size: 600 sqm
From: 1374 pp pn
Occupancy: 8 Adults
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The newly crafted eco-camp is committed to the conservation and preservation of the natural environment of Cosmoledo Atoll. This is truly where nature meets sustainable hospitality.

  • Unique dining experiences on bare beach floors
  • Quiet picnics on secluded beaches 
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Eco Pods

Eco Pods

The 8 Eco Pods are custom-designed to blend with the natural surroundings.

Size: 38 sqm
From: 950 pp pn
Occupancy: 2 Adults 
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